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After travelling the globe, living overseas and using every excuse to escape; I have managed to see some amazing places, meet some fantastic people and have unforgettable experiences. This blog is written with the intent to give other travellers inspiration, tips and guidance. You can expect to see a lot of adventure travel destinations, active travel and road trips. With the addition of regular guest travel writers also sharing their experiences and perspectives let us inspire you on your next adventure. I hope you enjoy my blog and find inspiration for your next journey.

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Adventure Travel

Day trips, multi-day expeditions, wild camping, climbing, bungee jumping, water sports and wildlife. Read about some of the worlds best adventure travel destinations and experiences.

A Big Move

Working abroad, study overseas, seasonal work and expat life. Find inspiration here from a series of guest writer articles giving you the low down on your big move.

Travel Tips

Top travel tips to help you plan your next trip. Photography tips, essential packing and ways to save money when booking every element of your trip.  Helping you get the most from your travels.

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