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About Me

 Hello and welcome to Travels and Wandering,

My name is Nicole and I love to travel. Using any opportunity I can to go exploring outdoors; whether thats short weekend trips or multi-destination adventures.


Rather than simply ticking places off the bucket list or snapping a picture. I enjoy exploring and focus on having fun experiences or a bit of escapism. I have been fortunate enough to combine my career with travel. I used to be an outdoor instructor (kayaking, canoeing, climbing and navigation) and have worked extensively in sports coaching, fitness and sports science in various locations around the world. 

I have a keen interest in adventure sports travel and the great outdoors. I regularly head to lakes spending the day in a kayak or canoe; or you might find me on the fells hiking and climbing crags. 

I have previously worked with WomenClimb as part of their editorial, social media and support team promoting the access, inclusion of women in the outdoors. I am currently lecturing at a university in sports science and research adventure sports, but have availability to travel.

I am a lecturer by day but a Nomad at heart.  


About Travels and Wandering

This blog aims to bring its subscribers regular travel articles focussing on adventure travel (expeditions, trekking, camping and the outdoors). We also aim to bring you a number of articles from myself( Nicole) and guest writers on combining travel with a career and making the big move abroad (temporarily or permanently); sharing inspirational stories and advice for those considering making the most from a passion for travel. 


All articles are original content written with an honest feedback and thought given to other travellers wants and needs alongside the authors own experience. You can also expect to see some of the following:

  • Reviews of experiences (day tours, travel providers and locations)

  • Regular guest writers to offer additional guidance from photography hacks to brand sponsorship.

  • Money saving tips

  • Product focuses (from camping kit, clothing, sports equipment and other accessories for adventure travel).

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Let's Collaborate

Travels and Wandering Ltd. is open to collaborating in a number of ways with partnerships, ambassadorships and brand reviews. We can negotaiate a suitable plan of action to create high quality content for your brand; increasing exposure and utilising our platform audiences to your needs.

Whether you would like a social media campaign, a full write up or a youtube promotion it's completely up to you. Our core aims are to bring appropriate advice and reccomendations from those who walk the walk. As customers become increasingly aware of marketing strategies and trends they are looking to bloggers, vloggers and micro influencers who they feel they can trust to reccomend products and experiences in a more authentic way. 

Check out our previous brand collaborations here

In addition to the above, I am able to offer unique services for sport and fitness. Whether that is covering resort exercise classes, hosting a sports training camp, training up new instructors, supporting a retreat or leading paddleboard sessions. I have over 16 years of experience coaching sport, fitness and athlete strength and conditioning around the world. To see more about my experience in this area visit here: Nicole Booth Strength and Conditioning

If you would like us to partner with us during our upcoming adventures or would like us to consider your own excursions / brand for further planning, then get in touch.

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